Sunday, August 18, 2013

sorry I'm a little behind. this is from July 14:

Maung hapon sa tanan mga ambian kag pamilya ko!

WE had a really great week this week! We finally bought umbrellas and our ward is so happy!

We're seeing some great progression with the Despi family! Sister Priscilla, the mother, came to church! We are still trying to work on brother Juan. He fishes on Sunday so we shared the story about Christ and him telling the fishermen to cast their nets on the other side of their boats and they were so much more blessed when they did so. He seemed to enjoy that and says he will go to church this coming week. He read in the Book of Mormon! We did a little dance because we were soo happy to know he had exercised his faith and experimented on his own by reading. He really enjoyed what he read and committed to continue to read. His children ask us for reading assignments every time we visit. They're seriously so stinking cute!

The baptism was wonderful! Joy joy and Em em were so excited and happy to be baptized. I dont think anyone else was glowing as much as their mother was. She was soo happy to see the blessings pouring in to their home. We're now working on Elmer John and trying to get him fellow shipped and feel the love of the gospel and the Spirit its bringing to his home. Sister Evelyn really has such a powerful testimony and started crying when we told her she can fast for Elmer John. 

Sister Riza will be entering the waters of baptism this coming week. She as well has such a powerful testimony and love for the Gospel. 

Brother Alan will be baptized this coming July 27. He too, just blowed us away when he shared with us how he came to know about the Gospel. People really are being prepared to accept these things:) Its a miracle! 

I've really been enjoying reading about the Stripling warriors and about Captain Moroni. I love how brave and how commited and diligent Moroni was to the cause of his country, people, and religion. I have been striving daily to become like him in his diligence with the work. Seriously, il'm obsessed, all of our reading assignments are  in Alma:) 

Great week! I love it:) 

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