Sunday, February 17, 2013

Update update update!


Mauri isnt Ilonggo though, I'm learning Kiribati language:)) 
Anyway. I had a fantastic week. I hit my 9 months! Whoop! And I still feel so new. Ay. I got to say farewell to my trainer. She went home last week:(( I miss her already!

We have an amazing senior couple in our area and they spoil us every once in a while with browines and mexican food;)) Seriously, we made flour tortillas!!! Ahhh! It was magical. We had green enchiladas, fajitas, frijoles charros and spanish rice. And they gave us leftovers and we made it last for a few days. Its all gone now so we need to visit again soon;)

We're having a ton of fun teaching the Torres family. Their 8 year old daughter is so excited to be baptized. She reads her Book of Mormon in between teaching appointments and offers to pray every visit;)) Her older brother Julie(Julie is a boy name here) is also really excited and we just love visiting and teaching them. The spirit is so great with them. We are in need of new investigators so we're having fun just talking to random people. I love my companions attitude. Even though she doesnt understand or speak the lanugage very well, she always shows her love to the people and she can make just about anyone laugh. Makes me feel ashamed of my discouragement and attitude when i was first trying to get it. I've been learning a ton about fishing from her cause in Kiribati all they do is fish and eat it. So Island life is interesting. I would like to try it;) I just hate the mosquitoes. I havent used bug spray since my first area and its been such a blessing that I haven't gotten dengue or something. 

Anyway, we're staying busy in this great work! I love it. I'm staying focused and just giving it my all every second that i'm out here. 

I love you all! 
Thanks for the love and support from friends and family:))


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maayong udto!

Cge, nami gid ang semana ini. Good week this week. Sort of. I've had the flu all week but didnt really pay much attention till about Sunday when I actually had time to sit. We've been working so hard this week trying to find new people to teach and getting our investigators ready for baptism next month:)) We have 5 with a date and I'm so excited for them. I found out this week I'm in the hardest area in the mission with the hardest companion. It came as a huge suprise cause we get along soooo well and have been having so much fun. And the area ROCKS! I really loooove the people so much. I guess it just depends on the missionaries. You just need to get out there and work. Its been great seeing how really nothing can stop this work, not even my weaknesses. Last week I was soo worried about how I would lead this area and help it improve but this week, I've felt so inspired and motivated to really be a useful instrument to the Lord:)) I love this work! Its such a blessing to be here. We're also working with a few youth to prepare them for their missions so we always have people working with us! I love my mission:)) I'm pretty much fluent now. I've learned more this week than I have the past 6 months! Ahhh, exhausted and it feels so good. It was weird that P-Day came so quickly. 

Anyway, having a great time teaching and just dropping the spirit wherever we go. We got invited  by a minister to go to his church and discuss religion. He was really nice and its good to see others have the same desire to serve the Lord regardless of the religion. Should be a fun week!

Hurrah for Israel!

Palangga ko sa inyo tanan!