Sunday, October 13, 2013

Maayong aga sa tanan!

Ay, I cant believe we're so close to November already. I had such a wonderful opportunity to watch General Conference this past week and WOW!
Its was super intense and really inspired me in so many ways. I cant even pick one because alll the talks were so wonderful! My companion and I have been spending hours talking about the things we've heard and our goals to apply what was said. I hope you are all doing the same:) Especially in becoming a member-missionary. There are 80,000 missionaries but there really should be 15 million:)

My last few weeks on the mission will be FILLED with lots to do! We just had General Conference, this week, the Area Seventy will come and visit our mission, on November 2, Elder Anderson of the TWELVE is coming to visit us! THEN, we'll have my last zone training. Ay na ko!
We've been finiding sooo many people, like 50 plus in these last few weeks. CRAZY! We're so busy and just sooo overjoyed at the people who are coming up to us and wanting to listen to our message. 
This past week was a little scary because one of the families we're super close to is having sooo many trials!!! Brother Joemarie was writhing in pain as we taught him and turns out he has an ulcer. He was able to get some help from the ward and they got him so medicine. MY goal is to be back here in Negros for their temple sealing next year!
WE met an AMAZING family. The Bechayda family experienced a terrible tragedy a few months ago where they lost their daughter. She slipped on a bridge they were crossing and she fell into the water where her head made contact with a rock. They are so open and ready to accept the message of the Plan of Salvation. Sister Novie was so happy to hear that she can be with her daughter again.

So many wonderful things are going on here in the Philippines Bacolod Mission. I just have to honestly say, not in a boastful way,BUT, this really is the Best mission in the Universe;) I'm so blessed to be serving with President Lopez and all of the other wonderful missionaries here. My companion will be leaving next week!!!!!!! And i'm so sad! We've been having so much but,but i guess I'm a little excited to see who my new companion will be. I'll find out next week!

WEll my dears. Have a wonderful week!