Sunday, November 18, 2012

This week, in the Philippines,

So my week started out well. Nothing special, just another week in the mission.

Until we had an EARTHQUAKE! It wasnt very strong but it was pretty funny. We were teaching a LA and I just start feeling dizzy and see things moving. The first thing I thought was OUT! So I ran outside. It only lasted a few seconds and I look inside the house and everyone is looking at me and asking me why I was leaving. ahaha. Apparently, theyre used to earthquakes here so it wasnt a big deal, but for ME, I'm pretty sure that was my first time. BUt anyway. It was pretty funnny.

I hit my SIX MONTH mark! Yay! I cant believe how fast the mission really is. My favorite thing about the mission is teaching an investigator for the first time. They dont know anything about the gospel or about the church and its just cool sharing with them. My least favorite thing so far is having to kill spiders. Ehhh:(( I hate spiders!

We had a crazy encounter with a less active this week. We shared about the Book of Mormon and she went off and told us it wasnt the word of God because she had a vision and saw God and he told her she had to teach the people like us missionaries. Hmmm, crazy lady. She teaches people around her house about her vision and how she talks to God all the time.

I cant believe its almost Christmas! Its sooo hot, it doesnt feel like November. I am going to buy decorations so it'll feel more like Christmas. The closest it gets to getting cold here is when it rains, sometimes it gets a little cooler.

Also, we found a Part member family. Sister Heidi is 7 months pregnant, has 2 little girls, is going to school full-time and sells dish washing soap house to house on her spare time to pay her school debts. Shes soo great! Our goal for her and her husband, of course, is the temple. Theyre so humble, they have just been waiting for the invitation to return to church! Yay! Its been super busy. I'm really grateful for all the work.

I love my mission! I miss and love you all:)))

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maayong udto tanan~

So these past few weeks have been crazy! We were transferred to a new area, "Bago City." Its not so hot here. We are whitewashing, which means we have no idea about anything or anyone and pretty much walk around until we find the place we're supposed to be hah:) The members had a hard time accepting us because the previous missionaries were elders and they were pretty much in love with them. So ward council was a little frustrating because they kept mentioning them. But its ok, we're gaining their trust little by little and have already made friends with many of the members. Bago is great. We get to teach a few less actives by a river which is nice cause its sooo relaxing. We get to go to Bacolod, the bigger city here in Negros for P-Day which is nice. Theres only a mini market here to buy food at. We have a baptism scheduled for next Saturday. Sister Reza Mae is super sweet. Shes way excited for her baptism. She already knows so much about the gospel and actually reads the Book of Mormon assignments we leave her. 

Its only me and my companion in our new apartment. Elders used to live in it and let me tell you. It was DISGUSTING. I couldnt sleep the first night we were there. We went shopping for crazy cleaning supplies. It took us TWO days to clean. One full day from 12-6 then a few hours everyday before and after work. But it looks sooooo nice now. We can actually relax and enjoy our clean and neat apartment:) Its nice because its very quiet. It was a little crazy living with another companionship in our previous apartment. Only thing is I have to cook for myself. My companion really hates cooking so I took over. ITs fun! I really love cooking. I gave up rice in the morning and at night cause i was getting too soft:) So I work out every morning. My companion doesnt like running so I run bymyself around the house within the gate. I get dizzy after too many laps:)

Anyway, work is great in Bago. We're so busy. I have no trouble sleeping here. As soon as my head hits my pillow i'm out!

We have mission tour this week with Elder David F. Evans of the 70. It should be fuN!

Have a great week dearest friends and family:))