Sunday, May 26, 2013


WE can now email other fulltime missionaries so this is going to be short. I have some catching up to do:))

I love Talisay. I love my companion. And I love my mission. 
I had a nightmare the other night that i was serving a mission in Texas.
I have ten minutes left. 

Basically i'm having the time of my life and just loving the work and oh man, how I love the people. I'm obsessed with Filipinos:))
I am officially pinay. I get told all the time now!

We have some fun stuff coming up. We're having a missionary fireside and the whole ward is involoved and super excited. We have been getting tons of referrals and we have some exciting baptisms coming up. 

I love love my msision.
I dont think you all got that.
BUt i do

Have a great week all!
here's an update...

i dont have a shift key or a v...well it works sometimes

so here goes

hello friends and lovely family
i am now in a city called Talisay. i'm a mom! my trainee is sister roos from san antonio texas. shes suuuper funny so i have like a total six pack from laughing so much. i'm whitewashing again and its soooo fun! sort of , of course its tough but its great because we hae awesome support from the ward! we have ward missionaries working with us eery single dayyyy. aweeesomeee. our priesthood leaders wear suits here which doesnt eer happen cause hello, we're in the philippines. but its so awesome to see them dressed up super nice for church. i saw a brother that was in my ward in my first area so that was cool. he's now married so he lives in my area now. we hae such strong relief socity members here. lots of temple marriages;)) i loooove the bishop here, he offered to work with us on friday!! woohooo. his wife is also sooo amazing. i want to be like them when i grown up;] we hae an area right by the ocean and we always go there right around time to watch the sunset. it blows me away how beautiful it is here. my companion was telling me about all the stuff ive been missing, like moies and music and stuff and i just thought how i'm not missing anything. you are all missing out on thissssss. hehee;] i love teaching and we hae a senior copule here and they rockk. 

we are living in a brand new house. eerything was brand new when we walked in so basically i am sooo spoiled in this area. we have a awesome ward missionary leader, awesome leadership and ward, house, area, and my companion. so pretty much i'm super spoiled and i'm so blessed to be in such a nice and established area. one of the pioneers here in the ward knows how to speak spanish. it was really funny cause i couldnt een speak anyyyy. ahh. like my cousin cory said, i'm not mexican anymore hehe. its coool cause een the filipinos tell me i am super pinay. yay score!

i reached my year mark so i started sleeping with my nametag;] i'm just going to enjoy the rest of the time i hae here and work work work. 

loe you alll

i have no shift buttons and the v button works only sometimes. i love this work. its great. you should all try it sometime.

palangga kamo namon

Monday, May 6, 2013

Heres an update for the homies


ITs SO HOT! I've been showering like 3 times a day hehee..

Anyway, our area is split and we're starting to get the hang of it. The problem is my area is a little sketchy and we're always left hanging. So we do a ton of finding and oym'ing. Its a ton of fun. There were elders here a few years ago and they seem to have visited everyone! Most of the people we find were previously taught so they already have a background on the church which is cool. We found a less active who was baptized when she was 9 and hasnt gone to church since and she was soooo happy to see us. She really wants to come to church. I thought that was pretty cool. Even how many years after she still remembers the good feelings and wants that again and she knows she can get it through the gospel. 

We had a really great service day with our whole zone. We went to an area called Punta Taytay. The beaches here in Bacolod are suuuuper nasty. The ocean is the peoples backyard so they just throw all of their rubbish and we dug through at least a foot of rubbish. We had so many garbage bags full! I wish I had taken a picture, and we only cleaned up a small area. SO crazy. So, just dont litter kay? :)

We had exchanges and I was with a sister Davis whos been here for like 3 weeks. Shes such a sweetheart and it was so funny seeing the reactions of the Filipinos to her blond hair and blue eyes. They were a little confused why if she's american and I am too, and why we look so different hehee. I had to speak mostly English and we did some practice teaching in English and it was so hard! Its so difficult to express myself and explain and give examples.  

We have a zone activity later on today which should be fun. The Sinemas are so great! I love senior couples. OUr Kiribati sisters taught us one of their traditional dances and its sooo fun but ahhh, sakit! it hurts to sit and the arm movements ay, my arms are sore;)) But its so fun. I'm so going to get into this stuff, its a workout and so fun. We're going to perform at our zone activity hehee.

Nothing much else going on in Magsungay. I'm so excited for Claudias wedding and so proud of ALe's graduation. My mom was called to be Relief Society President and Diego is bringing home medals everyday from swimming and art and math competitions. Show off;) 
My grandmother is pretty sick so any prayers for her would surly be appreciated. I was told she might not make it before the time I get back. Its so weird that such an important person might be gone when I get home. Cge lang, plan of happiness no? 

I love you all and miss you dear friends and family. 

Palangga ko kamo<3