Sunday, May 26, 2013


WE can now email other fulltime missionaries so this is going to be short. I have some catching up to do:))

I love Talisay. I love my companion. And I love my mission. 
I had a nightmare the other night that i was serving a mission in Texas.
I have ten minutes left. 

Basically i'm having the time of my life and just loving the work and oh man, how I love the people. I'm obsessed with Filipinos:))
I am officially pinay. I get told all the time now!

We have some fun stuff coming up. We're having a missionary fireside and the whole ward is involoved and super excited. We have been getting tons of referrals and we have some exciting baptisms coming up. 

I love love my msision.
I dont think you all got that.
BUt i do

Have a great week all!

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