Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's another update from Sister Martinez. Make sure you still write to her!

Kumusta po kayo!?
Friends and Family! I leave the MTC in 3 weeks! AghhhH! So eveerything is so great. I've been making friends with everyone here! Its a ton of fun! I got to meet my mission president and his wife. His name is Mario Lopez, unfortunately he's not THE Mario Lopez hah ;) But they are seriously soo amazing! I can't wait to serve with them. Theyre soo tiny and cute! We get to have dinner with them tonight which is so great. All the new mission presidents are having training this week so all the apostles, except for 2 are here on campus! I've seen Elder Uchtdorf, Nelson, and Cook. Its great! I think we'll get to hear from an apostle tonight which will be super awesome! I was made coordinating sister (still dont know how I feel about that) but I guess I have three weeks to learn to have patience and love for my fellow sisters. I'm loving every minute of the MTC (six weeks in) but HEY! better late than never right? The language is getting easier but I still can understand more than I can speak. I'm learning the first vision in Tagalog! So here goes,
Ako ay nakikita ng isang haligi ng liwanag na tamang tama sa tapat ng aking ulo,
higit pa sa liwanag ng araw,
na dahan dahang bumaba hanggan sa ito ay pumalibot ng ako....
Yup thats pretty much all I've got for now! And I'm not even sure thats right but HEY! I wont even be speaking Tagalog on my misson. Yup, thats right, I'll be speaking Hiligaynon. A dialect of Tagalog but it has a completely different vocabulary! can't wait! I know i'll love the language soon enough:)
Mahal Ya'll!
Kapatid ng babae Martinez

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey guys, here's an update from Cassandra:

Kumusta po kayo!?
Maganda Umaga!

Yay for the MTC. Its been pretty tough here. I want to punch my companions sometimes. Hah joke-long:) The food is ok. Waking up early in the morning is pretty much the hardest thing il've ever had to dooO! ::crosses eyes:: But i'm working hard, I have absolutely no energy by the end of the day. The language makes me want to shoot myself, but its getting better. My favorite word so far is pananampalataya. We have to practice teaching our teachers everyday, and each time I can understand more and more. Now I just have to learn how to speak the language! i usually use the chalkboards and play charades to get my point accross. My favotie lesson so far has been the Plan of Salvation, abou the Kingdoms of Heaven. I pretty much just drew everything:) Unfortunately, I wont have chalkboards in the PHIL. I hope to hear from more of you. I dont have much time to write back but I try my hardest. I miss home and my family and friends. YOu are always on my mind. I sent out some pictures to Dave, I think he'll post some up on FB or on this blog...not sure. I'm hitting the one month mark on Wednesday. I always said I wouldnt count down, but here, I cant help it soooo.....17 more months to go! I hope you are all doing well and I ask that you keep me in your prayers please! Salamat po:)

Miss you alll!!!

Mahal Ya'll


Sister Martinez

Everyone make sure you write to her!