Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay, let's try again, here's a link to Kassi's phtobucket, let me know if this works!
UPDATE 1/20/13

Maayong aga sa tanan:)

I was feeling a little lazy today but I just have to send out an update to congratulate Claudia! YAy! I'm sooo excited that you are getting married. I'm sorry I won't be there (again). I think i've missed pretty much any important Duran function but I love you all. I am soOo happy! Please send me tons of pictures. Tia Delfina sent me a picture of your invitation and you WOULD do something funny like that. Congratulations! Also, to Lupe! yay! I'll have a cute new baby cousin to hold when I come home. I love and miss you all. I'm sorry I'm missing out but I know this work is important and requires sacrifice and that means missing out on a few things. But I know I will be blessed but mostly, my family because you are all supporting me and being so great about everything. Thank you so much for your love and support. I couldnt be out here without it. 
Crazy week. One of our companions got transferred last week but she'll be back tonight. My Pakistani companion is going home tomorrow morning and I helped her pack all night. I learned some Hindi! And we got to eat fresh, hot, soft tortillas and fajitas. ::sigh:: I miss mexican food. Eating Filipino food isnt the same anymore since that day haha. But I will survive. 

Love you alL!

Here's a link to see a TON of pictures of Kassi!
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UPDATE 1/13/13

Maayong Hapon sa tanan!

I am terrible at updates;(

BUt here I go!

Great week. I have two new companions. One is from Pakistan and is going home in a week and the other is from the biggest country in the world, Kiribati! Joke, its really tiny. I cant find a map that shows the island. But anyway, we've been having a blast. I love my new area. I'm in the main City of Bacolod now in an area called Magsungay. Our ward is great. The missionaries have done a lot of work here which is nice. The leaders are really great and I'm excited to be working with them. We have one of the senior couples in our ward and they're so funny! Elder Sinema loves cooking mexican food and we have a dinner appointment on Tuesday so I am SOO EXCITED> I miss real food! hah. An tortillas! Yay! Their house is soo big and their backyard is the ocean. Its pretty awesome.

Anyway, about the memebers. Theyre a ton of fun. We will be eating a ton this week because of my companion that is going home. We have a ton of ward missionaries and its so great working with them. Some of them can teach better than i can! Our Ward missionary leader is soo super nice to us. Maybe cause we're gwapa:) Haha Joke. 

Its still hot, I dont think thats ever going to change. 

We're going to be having 26 new missionaries this next month! So crazy! I'm excited to see all the changes and the new areas opening up. Its so exciting to see so many new missionaries coming in. I finally feel comfortable speaking the lanugage. I even speak it with people who speak english. When I spoke to my family for Christmas, I kept switching to Ilonggo, especially when i was trying to speak to my dad in spanish. My spanish is terrible:(( It makes me sad. I wish I had brought my spanish Book of Mormon. 

Well, I'm excited to see what 2013 has to offer. I hope you are all well and are doing missionary work wherever you are. Its a great responsibility and so important. I love this gospel, its such a blessing. Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement in your emails and letters. Keep them coming:))

I'll continue to send updates whenever I have time! 

I love you all. 

Padayon maging bakod sa inyong pagtuo kay Jesucristo. Kabalo ko nga, buhi na siya kag kabalo ko nag palangga niya kita. 

Halong Kamo

So, I'm a terrible cousin and haven't updated in a while, but Kassi is doing great! I'm going to post her updates from the last few weeks, sorry it's so late!



Merry Christmas!

I dont even know how to say that in Ilonggo. Everyone just says it in English.

Its finally cooling down here in  Bago. The wind is so strong sometimes, it freaks me out a little.
Doesnt feel like Christmas but its ok:) We're just going to do a lot of work. Maybe sing a Christmas song or two. 
I hope everyone has a really great Christmas. 

I'm excited for the new year. There will be a TON of missionaries coming in so i'll be suuuper busy. Can't wait!

I hope you all have a really great Christmas with your loved ones.


Sister Martinez