Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So, I'm a terrible cousin and haven't updated in a while, but Kassi is doing great! I'm going to post her updates from the last few weeks, sorry it's so late!



Merry Christmas!

I dont even know how to say that in Ilonggo. Everyone just says it in English.

Its finally cooling down here in  Bago. The wind is so strong sometimes, it freaks me out a little.
Doesnt feel like Christmas but its ok:) We're just going to do a lot of work. Maybe sing a Christmas song or two. 
I hope everyone has a really great Christmas. 

I'm excited for the new year. There will be a TON of missionaries coming in so i'll be suuuper busy. Can't wait!

I hope you all have a really great Christmas with your loved ones.


Sister Martinez

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