Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UPDATE 1/20/13

Maayong aga sa tanan:)

I was feeling a little lazy today but I just have to send out an update to congratulate Claudia! YAy! I'm sooo excited that you are getting married. I'm sorry I won't be there (again). I think i've missed pretty much any important Duran function but I love you all. I am soOo happy! Please send me tons of pictures. Tia Delfina sent me a picture of your invitation and you WOULD do something funny like that. Congratulations! Also, to Lupe! yay! I'll have a cute new baby cousin to hold when I come home. I love and miss you all. I'm sorry I'm missing out but I know this work is important and requires sacrifice and that means missing out on a few things. But I know I will be blessed but mostly, my family because you are all supporting me and being so great about everything. Thank you so much for your love and support. I couldnt be out here without it. 
Crazy week. One of our companions got transferred last week but she'll be back tonight. My Pakistani companion is going home tomorrow morning and I helped her pack all night. I learned some Hindi! And we got to eat fresh, hot, soft tortillas and fajitas. ::sigh:: I miss mexican food. Eating Filipino food isnt the same anymore since that day haha. But I will survive. 

Love you alL!

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