Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This week was a little exhausting.

On Friday morning, I wake up to do some exercising(which i've been
doing a TON lately yay me!) and my companion comes in and doesnt look
too good and says that she thinks she got a fever in the middle of the
night. We dont have a thermometer so we called the sisters that live
down the street from us and they brought us theirs. I checked her temp
and it wasnt too bad but she did have a fever. As I was getting ready
to do studies, she walks in and tells me she wants to rest for a
second, I look up and see a SUPER pale Sister ROOS. I yelled at her
telling her to lay down and started freaking out and saying, "My
companion is dying!" THEN, I checked her temp and AHH! She was at
100.3...thats when I really started freaking out. Long story short,
she had some sort of virus thats going around the mission and we've
been stuck at home for the past 4 days with me playing nurse! I'm
pretty good at it:)) Cause shes not dead! I was so scared cause I
think the last time I had a fever was when I was like 10 and i've
never had to take care of a super sick person. Ayy, so scary but I"m
good, its good, anyone else in the future, you get sick....I GOT YOU!

Anyway, our ward ROCKs and they stopped by and gave us food and just
came by to lift sister ROos up. SOOO nice. We had to come email
because if she doesnt email her mom she will probably think shes dead
and come after me.

We have some super sweet stuff coming up. Our investigators came to
church but unfortunately we didnt get to see them because we didnt go
to church. Our ward visited us to make sure we dont go less active:))

But we're sooo excited to get out there and get back to work!

We had a really fun time with one of our investigators earlier in the
week. He was drunk and we didnt really realize it so he started
telling us how he believed Joseph Smith was a scientist. hehehe soo

Also, to cheer my companion up, I danced to the Mormon Tabernacle
Choir hehee, it was EPIC, I know you all wish you were there.

Anyway, this is a really long update. My mom hasnt emailed me and i'm
killing some time so you all have a more detailed account of whatst
going on in Talisay.
I've had tons of time to read the scriptures which is always super
sweeet. My mom just sent me an email. Later ya'lls, i guess i better
start working on my Texas accent.

Love ya'll critters

Take caree

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