Sunday, August 18, 2013

from July 28:

This week was so full of the spirit! Brother Alan Mana was baptized this past Saturday. Words cannot explain how happy I felt that day. It was really a miracle that we were able to see the baptism go smoothly. We showed up early because we knew we needed to fill up the font somehow because there was a  black out. The first thing we did was kneel down in prayer and asked heavenly Father to help the baptism go well. We didnt know HOW that would happen but we knew brother Alan was important to Him, and that his baptism would go well so he could feel the spirit. It was quite an adventure getting that font filled. We found out there was a water well in the back of the church, so we emptied two 20 gallon garbage cans and used little ones to scoop water out and fill the 20 gallon can. We did like 30 trips. It took us like 12-14 scoops of water to fill one 20 gallon can, then it took 30 times to fill the font enough to immerse Brother Mana. You do the math. Honestly, it was all heavenly Father giving us the srength to do that. We had two brothers helping us take the 20 gallon to the font. So what we did mostly is fill the 20 gallons. AHh! and I'm not even that SORE! Yeah, I have superwoman strength. It was so worth it when, as we sang "I am a child of God" at the conclusion of his baptism, he teared up and told us how happy he was to be baptized. I was filled with such an overwhelming feeling of love for Brother Mana and I just KNEW, God was happy because one more of His many children made that special promise to Him, to follow His Son, and that regardless of the situation, nothing can stop miracles from happening. 
His children had a date to be baptized on August 3, but they will be baptized on August 10 instead so Brother Mana can baptize them. We just know that as he feels the power and love from using his Priesthood, he'll gain a stronger testimony and endure to the end. 

The Barreto boys are going to be baptized on the 17th of August and the young women in the Despi family will be baptized on the 10th. We're working so hard. We know there will be more miracles. We need to be at the right place and the right time and as we are exactly obedient and study out where we need to be, we'll be there and find those who are ready for this gospel. 

So ya, crzyy. Another funny story. We went to a memebers hhouse cause we're teaching her son. Well, its a little down hill and when it rains it FLOODS! As we left her house, we noticed how dirty and flooded stuff was and the memeber was telling us how we should use her rain boots to walk through the water! Only problem, there was only one pair:) So, did I mention my companion is a cheerleader and shes been lifting girls for the past few years? FOr a competitive team? Well, she got to use her skills on the mission because she put on the boots and carried me out to higher land:) it was pretty hilarious. We couldnt stop laughing. But yea, that was my adventure for the week. 

For sister Rizas baptism, we had a problem with the font water. It was like, mountain dew yellow and nasty. So we improvised and used a tampon to filter out the water;) Thanks Tampax!

Theres a seven 11 here in Silay! Like 10 minutes away from us! I cant wait to go get my slurpee:) I've been dreaming of it forever now! yay!

I love my mission~!

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