Sunday, August 18, 2013

from August 11:

What a wonderful week!

We've been so busy. We went to Bacolod 3 times!!! In one week!
The first time, we traveled to Bacolod for MLC or mission leaders council. We got to stay the night with my companion from the MTC, Sister Sanders! It was so great to see her and catch up a little bit. MLC was such an amazing experience. We now have 2 sets of Assistants to the President because our mission is just growing so much! The training we received was so spiritual and inspiring. We've been applying what we learned to our area and we really are seeing some great things come of out of it. Miracles miracles miracles!

The second time we went to Bacolod was for exchanges and that was so fun! I met a gentleman who is really interested in the church. His father is paralyzed and he still gave so much service to the church. He was really curious to know about the church and we answered the questions he was asking. I hope he went to church. We also met a super cute kid, Marjoe, and he looks so much like my brother Diego, i wanted to CRY! He's getting baptized soon and he's so excited. Anyway, Bacolod is doing well. I was with a sister who has been here about 7 weeks and it was cool to see how I was like that when i was first here. It was an interesting time of reflection on my mission so far and being able to see how I can improve. 

The third time we went was to get our fingerprints taken for our visas and we got to see a lot of elders and sisters we hadnt seen in  a while. It was a nice and busy week.

We came to a bit of a halt on saturday when we got back from bacolod. My companion got sick! So we were home all saturday and sunday. We're back on it today and hopefully she feels better for this week because we have TONS to do. Like, 3 exchanges, mission President training and we have to find a new apartment because we'll have two new sisters added to our area next transfer! Yay!

I'm learning so much from sister Maloata, like how to slow dooowwwnn. I'm always in a hurry and this is the first companion that has forced me to slow down without driving me crazy. Yay i've learned a lot of patience! We have a few people we're teaching who are Tagalog speakers and its soo difficult. I was so suprised at how much my companion rememebered from the MTC. I was super impressed!

I'm excited for the week. WE have so many pepole going home soon. But at the same time, SOO many coming into the mission. 4 will leave and 24 will replace them!~ EXCITING!

I love this work and the love and care that comes from our Mission President. He says thank you to my family for supporting me and letting me be here. I thank you all as well. 

Love, Sister Martinez

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