Sunday, August 18, 2013

from today:

Magandang Umaga<3

This week was wonderful.
We had more training this week and we really enjoyed it. We're very excited to start the basketball clinic for girls which is something President wants us to get started here. Basketball for girls is unheard of so its super cool! We will be working with the youth so we can start this coming Saturday. There are usually young men who come and play so we will start the girls out in the morning. We will also give church tours so people who have never been inside can come in. I am also very excited to start Facebook here in Silay.We'll have a page for our ward maybe in a few more weeks. So add us! hehee

You know, I never thought I would use Tagalog on my mission. IN the MTC, my main focus was learning the doctrine and the fundamentals so I can be good at teaching. We have a wonderful investigator who just came from Manila and he doesnt know how to speak Ilonggo! Its so difficult to teach him. I throw in the words i remember. BUt, it was such a spiritual lesson. It was completely guided by the Spirit. HE made up what we lacked in our language skillls. I know brother Jedrek felt that and he will be so much more prepared for his baptism on September 14th. He has already come to church so many times and has friends in the young mens. We are so excited to see him progress even more!

The Solinap family is soo excited for their baptism. it was interesting to see how much of a difference a few weeks made in their preparation. They really needed that extra time to ponder and realize the commitment they were making in being baptized. They passed their interview no problem. i'm excited to see the Solinap family enter the waters of Baptism.

Other than that, sister Maloata is doing much better now. She had a really high fever a few days ago but she has so much faith.She received a Priesthood blessing and it hasnt come back again:) I'm very glad to be with sucha great companion. I realize how much more i need to step it up.Shes so spiritual and in tune with the needs of our investigators. I'm stretching even more in this companionship and its great. Its a good stretch.

Exchanges went well. I like visiting other areas and seeing how they work and what works for them.

We will be in Cadiz doing exchanges this week!
Amo lang ina. Hawlong ya'll:)

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