Monday, July 16, 2012

Update from Sister Martinez:

Last Day in the US!
AghhHH!HHH!H!!! So, I'm freaking out a little, but our Branch President said we could. SO...AhHH!
Anyway, I am soo excited to leave the MTC and out to the real world. It's so scary to think that I'll be teaching people in a country I don't know well, in a language I know even less. But I am pretty excited to see the miracles H.F. has in store for the time I'm on my mish. I am so excited to meet the people and eat the food and just immerse myself in the culuture. I am not excited at all about the traveling but I'm with a really great group so it should be a blast. I havent cried because it hasnt really hit me yet, but I did tear up a little when an Elder held out his hand to play rock, paper, sissors with me for the last time. We played all the time and funny enough I beat him every single time. There should be three new districts coming in this week which is about 30 missionaries and I am so jealous cause I want to meet them! There are so many missionaries coming in weekly. It strengthens me knowing that so many people are willing to come out and serve and be a part of this work. Missionary work is growing so much, it blows my mind! Thank you all for your letters and great words of encouragement. I have a hymn stuck in my head, Onward Christian Soldiers. So here I go! Marching as to war:) I'm off to help gather His sheep.
The next time I send out an update I'll be in the Philippines!
Mahal ko kayo!
-Sister Martinez

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