Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi guys,
I got another email from Kassi. She'll be leaving to the Philippines this Monday, the 16th. From now on, she'll only be sending e-mails since letters will take way too long to arrive.
If you would like to write to her you can send emails to this address and she should be able to respond every week.
She doesn't have everyone's email addresses so if you would like to hear from her, you'll have to email her first.

In her email she said "Can't wait to hear from you:) Letters are GOLD here hahaa. Seriously, if you don't get a letter, you want to die from depression ahaha"

So remember, it's really challenging for her to be away from family for so long.

She's going to need extra support coming up in the next couple of weeks since the change of environment is going to be so big so remember to keep writing to her and sending love!


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