Monday, July 23, 2012

Kassi's officially in the Philippines!

Kamusta Ka!

Hello there friends and family! Greetings from the Philippines! I have been assigned to Sagay. It is a small city, no beach or mountains but still very beautiful. I am working on learning Hiligaynon and its pretty dang tough. My trainer is Sister Rondina and she is a native. She is soo sweet and very patient. I do miss my old companions. Luckily I still get to live with Sister Bushman(one of my MTC companions) so I see her everyday and get to chat with her when we're not dying of exhaustion. I MISS THE MTC! There, I said it. I made it to P-Day! Yay! I have been bathing out of a bucket of water for a few days now and honestly its not too bad. The cold water feels so good becuasue its SOOO hot. I washed my clothes by hand and it only took me like two hours:) I learned how to eat without a fork or spoon. Its great, the food really does taste different! The people are so dang nice here. They call me gwapa which is pretty funny. And a ton of people have told me I have an attractive nose which is so weird because I have NEVER heard that in my life until now.

Well, this has definitely been the hardest things I have ever done. Prayers will be much appreciated:) Anyone that wants to see pictures of my first few days at the mission home can add my mission president on FB, Marlo Olivares Lopez.

Kita Kits<3

Remember, Kassi can't see this blog, so if you want to talk to her, you'll need to email her!

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