Monday, November 18, 2013

She's alive!

Hello everyone!
I'm alive!

After the flu and a super typhoon, i made it!
Its crazy how sooo much is happening my last few weeks of my mission. I have two weeks so we'll see what ELSE is in store. 

The storm was crazy! We were home the whole time. We had to stay indoors until the storm passed. The only thing i could see out of my window was this huge coconut tree and i was just waiting for it to fall! The wind was so strong! It was interesting how CLEAR the sky was before it hit! There were people talking about how the storm wasnt even going to hit because Negros never really gets big storms. But it did hit! Just goes to show how we should always be prepared! Not just storms and calamities, but the trilas that come to us in life. We had a good number of people come to church. At least the storm reminded people of that need for spritiual preparation. But we didnt see any big damage companre to areas closer to the mountains. There were a lot of fallen banana trees:)

This week was great! The flu was going around the mission and of all the people in the mission (200+) I was the lucky winner! I had to give training for my zone and our mission nurse made me wear a stinking mask! I felt sooo silly talking about the sacredness of the BOok of Mormon with that terrible thing on. AND the Assistants to the President were there. Haha. But it was wonderful. I really enjoyed sharing my testimony i've gained about the Book of Mormon here on my mission.

I'm doing so much better now. We've been working hard, teaching and comforting our brothers and sisters that were affected by the storm. People are so wonderful. Even after all of this, Sister Alvarez just wanted to be baptized and we celebrated two birthdays. I love my mission. 

My bishop just emailed me and I already have an assignment ahaha. I'll be speaking at Monica Ward on December 8. Youre all welcome to attend and see my cry and talk about my Filipino people:0

I love you all!!!!!

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