Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mayyong aga para sa akon kag gabi para sa inyo

I told my mission President about the miss Universe comments last week and this is what I got in response.

"I'm so proud to have Miss Universe in my mission!"

haha, President Lopez is super funny. We have a zone activity later on today which i'm super excited for. We're having it at the Sinema's, the couple that makes awesome mexican food. I'm excited to sit in aircon for a few hours and just have some fun. We have zone conference next week! I'm super excited. its always like missionary holiday. yay for warm showers!!! Its also my companions birthday next week so theres a ton going on!

We just received an email. the missionary handbook changed!
"Missionaries are to write to their families each week and are also authorized to communicate by email with friends, priesthood leaders, and new converts... "

So yay. I can actually respond to emails from my lovely friends:)) Instead of writing letters cause honestly, I have NO time!


The work is great. We're getting ready for our baptism on the 30th. We're soo excited! We've been meeting a ton of new people and getting lots of referrals. Its still hot, just in case you thought it might have changed, it hasnt:)
We did CSP at an investigators house last saturday and we had a blast! We were going to clean her house and help her prepare to rent it out. So we came in to work and she had already cleaned everything in preparation for our visit! Ay ahha. So she served us a super nice lunch and we cleaned up for like 30 minutes. But she still appreciated us coming in a willing to serve her. It felt good to do that. I hope we can find more service opportunities. We actually found a new family because of our visits to her and theyre so great. We're excited for the Plame family. Super receptive sila:)

Other than that, its going to be another busy and fun week. We have 27 new missionaries coming in at the end of the month and only 3 going home. Uhhh, crazyyyy. 10 of them are sisters! So cool!
We met an Elder last week who is from Cavite, Manila. He speaks PERFECT english and has a little ghetto to it cause he grew up in a "black community" Who knew!? Only in the Philippines. Its fun meeting all these great and interesting missionaries. Its cool to see all the different personalities coming together to serve the Lord. We're all so different but our purpose is the same.

Well, off to have some fun;) Love and miss you all!

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