Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bula Vinaka!
Thats Fijian:)

So many languages! But its cool how the gospel is the SAME wherever you go.

I've been experimenting with food this week and my companion rocks! She eats everything I make and I never hear any kind of complaint! Its awesome!

Life is good. We found a new part member family and they have a baptismal date for March 30. The mom is super busy with work but amazingly has a change of schedule for the next month so she can be taught and be baptized:)) Ahh! GOLDEN:))

The Torres family's progression went down hill. We feel bad for their daughter but if her dad isnt coming to church, she doesnt come. Siyempre, shes 9! Brother Joseph just doesnt want to let go of his cigarettes. But we're giving him some space. He needs a change of heart. He needs to feel conversion. So I guess its not their time now. I was super bummed. I LOVE this family. We worked so hard to make sure theu were fellowshipped and just taken care of. But we all have our agency. Theyre just not ready yet.

We taught a new investigator who was a referral. She failed to mention that she speaks a different language! So we taught a whole lesson then come to find out she speaks Cebuano! Ayyy.

We had sister exchanges and it was soo fun! I went to another area and I learned a ton. We were able to apply a lot of what we learned to our area and its been pretty effective. We taught this man and he was sooo crazy funny and just so After the lesson we found out why, because he's always drunk! Haha. We laughed so much!

Other than that thanks for the letters from loved ones and friends. I will try to write back as soon as I get a chance:)

Its still hot, the church is still true. I was called Miss Universe twice this week so life is really great!

Love and miss you all!

Tiapo<3 Pronounced sapo:)

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