Tuesday, September 11, 2012

update from Cassandra: 
 aga tanan tawo!

So this week was craazyyy and pretty gross. We have a guava tree outside of our house which is AWESOME because I really love guava. So I picked the ripest looking guava and ate half of it and gave the other to my companion. She's smarter than I am and checked it before she ate it and found worms in it! So, I have pets in my tummy. I havent gotten sick yet so I take that as a good sign. I dont think I'll be eating guava for a while. 
The weather has been a lot cooler, not so hot but lots of rain. Its soo sad because people who live in squatters suffer a lot because of flooding. We have been working with this family and their house, alllll around was flooded to about knee height. We walked through the water without thinking about what we were walking through. We work in the city and not very many people have CR's(comfort rooms). So yup, thats what we walked through, plus all the animal poo and rats and agaahahahahh!!!! Ok, I cant think about it. BUt anyway, right after our appointment, we RAN home and SCRUBBED our legs down with hardcore soap. So, yeah, it was greatttttt:) NOT! Anyway, other than that, things are going gREAT! I'm getting used to the food and I'm learning how to cook more stuff so I'll throw a crazy huge Filipino party and i'll show off my awesome cooking skills. 
I had to go on exchanges with a sister from the other area because her companion came down with a bad UTI so she had to be in the hospital. Lets just say I am SO grateful for my area. I will NEVER complain ever again. The area we went to was SOO muddy. I was EXHAUSTED. We met a crazy man who was in rehad for most of his life. We invited him to church and told him that we're from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he said "Oh yeah! I'M JESUS!" haha Craziness. 
Still trying to get pictures out to you all. I dont have TIIIME! Seriously, PDAY is never long enough. 
Love you all! Have a FANTASTIC week!

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