Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maayong hapon!
So last week was super tough. One of our investigators died the day before she was going to be baptized:( She was sooo great and we were so sad. We had a baptism this past Saturday. Pamela is amaazzing. Shes 24 and has 4 children. Shes such a great mother and has such strong faith. I am doing much better with the langugae and I'm learning the Filipino humor. They like to ask me if I'm related to Antonio Banderas haha Its so sweet how everyone tries to speak English to me so that they can have a conversation with me. But I'm learning! I'm also learning how to cook Filipino food! yay! I made adobo and pakbet? It was sooo gooood! And I have officially mastered washing clothes by hand! Yessss! All in all, its great here! I'm learning a lot about patience because people here are sooo laid back and it drives me CRAZY! We met a family who has been inactive for a while and they let us in to their house! We are the first missionaries to be let into their home. Brother told us he was ready to come back to church! And he will be blessing his graddaughter this coming Sunday! yay!! It is soo cool how people are prepared to receive us. I love this mission:))


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