Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maayong hapon tanan!

So these past two weeks have been great! Last Monday, all the sisters in the mission got to stay in the mission home! YUM! We had air-con! It was amazing! I was asked to give a workshop on physical fitness and that was a ton of fun, I still dont know why I was picked pero cge. We had an american style bar-b-que, soo yummy, and I got my first ride in a jeepney. BAcolod is sooo crazy but it was nice to go to an actual mall and be able to find stuff I really need that I cant get in my area. This is my 3rd transfer in Sagay and I love it! The Priesthood here is sooo amazing and supportive of missionary work. Seriously, all we have to do is text them and theyre there! I had to buy new shoes this week b/c mine gave up already! Well, I could still wear them, but only when I'm sure it wont rain:)
I spoke at two funerals in two weeks! It was super nerve wrecking and most of the people there were hardcore catholic but it was great sharing with them the Plan of Salvation, b/c the Catholic church doesnt have that. It was great telling people that they would see their loved ones again. 

Brother Roberto was baptized and received the aaronic priesthood this week! I had the privilege to give a spiritual thought and i did it in PURE Ilonggo! It was sooo coool, the gift of tongues is real! I testify.But anyway we're so excited to see Roberto in his white shirt and tie, blessing the sacrament:))

Conference wass soooo awesome. We watched this past week because of the time difference. It was soo hard having to wait a WHOLE additional week to watch Conference but pretty much, my favorite talk was from Elder Holland about being true disciples of Christ. It was soo good! 
I've been trying to fight a cold this week, so I hope it doesnt get worse:((

Yay for 5 months in the mission field. Little Gio said I have 13 months left:))

I miss the family and all my friends dearly.

Halong kamo<3

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